FYI – Blog Migration

We’ve just completed the migration from our old blogging service to WordPress. There was no way to import our old blog entries so they had to be recreated by hand. Unfortunately, this means:

  1. The old URLs won’t work. You may need to use the search tool to locate the post in the new system.
  2. The date and time stamps associated with the blog entries are all off. We did get them put in the correct order though. UPDATE: we’ve corrected the dates!
  3. I’m listed as the author for all of the migrated posts even though Brett actually wrote many of them. UPDATE: we’ve corrected the authors!

We’ve tried to correct all cross-links within the posts, but if you find any broken links, please leave a comment on the appropriate post.

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  1. Hey.

    What was your earlier blogging platform? If its blogger, its damn easy to transfer all the content, images, posts, comments.

    Now, you may loose your google ranking if you will not do the redirection from old blog to WordPress.

    here is a free support forum for information on similar topics:

    Enjoy WordPress.

  2. danransom

     /  July 12, 2011

    No, we were using BlogEngine.NET. While there are scripts and plugins that can convert from this format they don’t appear to be available in a hosted WordPress enviroment. With only a few dozen posts it wasn’t too hard to manually transfer the information and we aren’t concerned with our Google ranking.


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