The Friday Wrap Up: August 5

A weekly wrap up of some relevant news of late, or otherwise interesting articles we think are worthy of passing on to you. So sit back, catch up on some news and enjoy your Friday.

Hackers Steal a Subaru via Text Message: Texting while driving has certainly gotten some press in the recent year, but what about texting to drive? These hackers just broke into, started and then drove off via text message. LoL that.

LinkedIn Now Adding Two New Members Every Second: In Q2 alone, LinkedIn added 14 million members, after passing the 100 million mark earlier this year. Mobile page views are up 400% from last year, and now has more unique monthly visitors than MySpace and Twitter.

Pentagon’s Lightning Gun Sold for Scraps on Ebay: Every good super weapon must come to an end. And oddly enough, the scraps of this death ray gun were snatched up by a buyer planning on using the weapons scrap as an art project for Burning Man. Of course.

Open Platform Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means: A recent study found that out of eight open source mobile platforms, Android ranks at the bottom in terms of openness.

Excel Nerds Unite! New Excel World Champion Has Been Crowned – the Who knew that competitive spreadsheet construction was even a thing, but this kid is proudly hanging his “Excel World Champion” plaque above the mantle.

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