So what do you do again?

How many times have you had someone ask you that question. They know what your company does – kind of, but not really. Even for those familiar with your industry, your ability (or lack of), to clearly define the “what you do” really does matter. Do you compare yourself to someone else in your industry? “We are kind of like a _________.” Or, do you drown them with industry cliche terms and hope they don’t press you for details? Or, do you take the line of, “Oh, we are really unique. It is kinda hard to describe because no one else is doing what we are doing.”

Can you answer the question in one sentence? Can you clearly sum up your company ethos, the passion behind what you do, the goal of business?

Recently, a few of us at Sierra Data Systmes have been focusing on that very question it has been an extremely helpful process. From a one sentence elevator pitch to a paragraph “about us,” every – word – matters.

So what do you do?

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