Updates and Release Notes

The development team at Sierra Data Systems continues to work hard and has just published the release notes for the 3rd and 4th quarter.

Q4 2011 – Service Level Agreements
Create your own SLAs by defining results and notifications based on changes in status. Closely linked to dispatching services, but extensible to other implementations. SLA’s allow you to build your rules specific to each customer and/or cost code. You can further fine tune the implementation by associating SLAs with specific equipment, project, or location categories.

Q4 2011 – Delivery Dispatching
Now you can create manifests and dispatch out couriers to pick them up. Keep track of last know courier locations and status. Manage dispatching tasks in real time through the new delivery dispatch board.

Q3 2011 – DATArrive  Updates
We’ve included a number of new miscellaneous updates including:

  • New labor report: Pay Types Exception Report
  • New deliver report: Receiving Exceptions Report
  • Dispatching: Cloning service dispatching events
  • Dispatching: showing nearby agents based upon their current GPS location
  • Universal: Task classes – categories to break out tasks based upon the applicable service
  • Universal: improved and easier-to-use terminology page

Q3 2011 – Cabin Services
Used for any service managing stocking, cleaning, auditing, security, or other servicing tasks in a dynamic mobile environment such as a airport, bus station, or motor pool. Real time dispatching lets you view and assign missions throughout the day. Dynamic data feeds can be implemented for automated mission creation based upon your own custom rule set.

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