Q2 Release Notes

The development team has been working at break-neck speed this quarter. Not only have they been delivering product for new customers, they have also been able to add new functionality to the core product. Here is the breakdown:

Labor Recurrence
We’re very excited to introduce recurring labor events. These allow you to define work for your employees based on a defined pattern, such as every three days, every weekday, once a month on the 5th, etc. Currently, the recurring labor details are implemented only on the labor and service dispatch board, but we look forward to expanding to other implementations.

Dispatch Sequencing
We’ve found that in many organizations implementing dispatching want to specifically define the order in which service is to be performed. Our new drag and drop sequencer tool allows a dispatcher to quickly and easily sort an agent’s daily service events. Currently implemented in service and labor dispatching, expect to see this soon for other dispatching environments such as delivery, janitorial, or airline service.

Billing and Invoicing
More and more companies are looking to DATArrive to handle additional accounting needs traditionally performed by enterprise or in-house software. Now, users with the billing add-on to the time and attendance module can define billing codes and track activity (both labor and non-labor) against those codes. Billing invoices can be created that automatically lock down related data to prevent further user edits.

Our new messaging system allows users to send and receive  short text messages. When added into a mobile device or combined with a dispatch board, DATArrive messaging becomes an affordable and flexible alternative to SMS or push-t0-talk.

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