Forbes on the Future: Trends Affecting Enterprise Mobility in 2013


With 2012 wrapping up and 2013 a few weeks away the varied top lists of 2012 and predictions for 2013 have made their annual arrival. Among them, Forbes has put together a list of trends affecting enterprise mobility in 2013. They are as follows:

  • 2013 will be the year of the app – Can we possible have a greater focus on ‘the app?’ Forbes states the influx will come as a result of “user friendly” apps that allow non-IT staff to create individual customization to a platform.
  • Business users will drive up app developmentCertainly agree that the “app for everything” world we live in drives expectation for enterprise mobility
  • The digital C-suite’ will be making decisions on the fly – Meaning, c-level leaders will have mobile access to enterprise data and analytics will lead to a true virtual office enabling strategic decision making based on information that can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet
  • Simplicity + speed + scalability = mass adoption – the perfect equation every enterprise mobility software company aims for. However, Forbes claims the potential rise of a PaaS (platform as a service), would allow non IT staff the ability to build away

In short, 2013 will see user friendly applications, driven by business minded individuals, providing strategic decision makers with critical data. That sounds like a bright future.

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