Is Your View Of What Mobility Can Do Too Narrow?

A good insight from Sarah Howland in the recent issue of Field Technologies Magazine:

The reality is that mobility can be used to transform businesses in many ways, to accomplish a variety of objectives — and mobility is often being deployed for a combination of reasons, not just one. While improving productivity of your workers is a common goal, and a very valid one, the potential for what mobility can do reaches beyond that narrow view.

When you sample the marketing material and websites of most mobility companies the usual features and benefits boilerplates are front and center. Profitability and productivity are the usual suspects, but mobility can do so much more. Case in point:

Trimble published a report this year titled The Road Ahead Report: The Future of Field Service Delivery, for which it surveyed 100 field service managers and directors in the UK (you can view the report at According to this report, it seems that — at least for some organizations — productivity gains aren’t the only objective in mind when it comes to optimizing the mobile workforce. In fact, a majority — 68% — list improving customer satisfaction as the number one priority of their service organization. Increasing profitability came in at 43%, and improving productivity/employee utilization at 41%. So while the respondents felt increasing mobile worker productivity was an important strategic objective (88% said that’s the case), the results show that these companies realize improving productivity can’t be the sole focus.

The big idea here: mobility can quickly become pigeonholed into the all too familiar benefit buckets of industry-speak, but thinking through the downstream effects of a well designed mobile process can open up a world of benefits.

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

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