The Internet of Things: What You Need to Know

As noted in a recent article from Stein Soeleberg at KORE Telematics, the buzz around the “Internet of Things” has been heating up lately. He states:

The term, coined by a technology pioneer, refers to uniquely identifiable objects (things) and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure. Brought into the mainstream in waves, the chatter around the Internet of Things has been steadily growing and can be attributed to large companies, such as Google and GE, jumping on the bandwagon.  Those companies, not surprisingly, think everything from your refrigerator to your window blinds will all be connected and remotely controlled and monitored to improve the quality of our daily lives.

But what impact, if any, could the Internet of Things have upon enterprise mobility? Soeleberg suggests 3 verticals that could benefit from the emerging technology:

  1. Supply Chain – critical intelligence can protect the quality of delivered goods
  2. Smart City – navigating the logistics of traffic, utilities, or public service as well as cost saving efficiencies
  3. Healthcare – information gathering and critical care monitoring

Read the article in its entirety here.

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