The Second Wave of Mobility

second-wave_310_224Field Technologies Magazine recently released their Field Mobility Annual Report for 2014 which highlights the numerous trends and expectations for the forthcoming year based off of responses from over 700 consumers. Among the many insights was the recognition that we are in second (or maybe third?) wave of mobility.

Meaning this: initially, companies invest in mobility to move away from manual or paper-driven processes by mobilizing their operations. For many industries, this was the surge 5-7 years ago and remains a critical step for companies who have yet to do so. But for many companies, the second wave of mobilization lies within the area of automating existing processes through “awareness technology.” Depending upon the industry, this could mean:

  • using GPS technology to “arrive” at a location rather than manually selecting a menu option
  • leveraging historical data to suggest inventory, staffing needs, or estimated hours to complete work
  • accessing crowdsourced data to estimate traffic patters, wait times or weather conditions
  • engaging with bluetooth technology for location awareness and know data points that trigger workflow actions

The bottom line is that mobility will inevitably continue to evolve but the real winners will be companies and products that think proactively and progressively to leverage technology for their advantage.

The Field Mobility Annual Report can be accessed here.

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