Technology Alone is Not Enough – Why Siri is a Big Deal

Even if you wouldn’t label yourself a Mac “fanboy,” some kudos have to be paid to iOS 5 and Siri. Simply as a lover of technology one has to admit – Siri is a big deal.

Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb. He mainstreamed it through product design and marketing.

Ford didn’t invent the automobile. He mainstreamed it through cost reductions and marketing.

And once again, Apple has taken power-user technology (a.k.a. Pentagon research technology) and placed it in the hands of everyday consumers. The lesson here – at the end of the day, great technology alone does not win the war. Great technology must also be usable and accessible.


The Drive to Make the Dumbest Smartphone

You’ve probably heard the old joke or some variation by now: “If cars were more like computers we would all be driving twenty-five dollar cars that got 1000 mi/gal, but for no reason whatsoever, your car would crash twice a day.”

Well, if your car was more like a smart phone:

  • It would do absolutely everything faster except its primary purpose: driving. That would be exactly the same – maybe a little worse.
  • All tolls on the road would go up and you’d be limited in how much you can drive in a given month.
  • It would have really sleek lines and a polished look that you would never get to see because you needed to cover it up at all times to avoid constant scratches, dents, and smudges from normal use.
  • It would only work on certain types of roads and only in your own country unless you’d wanted to swap out all the tires.
  • It would come with dozens of accessories you don’t want or need, but would be missing key features like a radio or air conditioning. But don’t worry, you can add these on later for an extra fee.
  • If it ever broke you couldn’t get it repaired or replace a part, the dealer would just swap it with an identical car.
  • The manufacturers would be competing with each other about who has the largest number of aftermarket add-ons, but if you install them anywhere by the dealership you void your warranty.
  • The interior would be many times smaller than your old car, but the windshield is five times larger.
  • It’s so simple to use. The manufacture didn’t want you to have to worry about little things like seat position, cup holders, window visors, or leg room so they made it one size fits all.
  • It will easily replace all your other modes of transportation unless you need to leave the road and then you have to get out.
  • You would have to fill up the tank at least once a day.
  • From the outside your car looks exactly like every other car on the road.
  • All the car manufacturers would be suing each other claiming they have exclusive rights to features like: “turning right”, “parking”, and “lockable doors”.
  • Even though you car works perfectly well for how you drive you’ll get a new one every couple of years when your lease runs out because the new one has a slightly better dashboard layout. (more…)

Mobility Growing Pains

About three months ago I was considering a blog post about how the diversity and fragmentation in the mobile operating system environment was going away. Nokia and  Microsoft were getting together, Android was growing by leaps and bounds and even Blackberry was planning to run Android apps, Apple seemed rock solid, and WebOS was purchased by a big player with deep pockets. Now? Not so much. Oh what a few months can mean . . . (more…)

Friday Wrap Up: July 29

A weekly wrap up of some relevant news of late, or otherwise interesting articles we think are worthy of passing on to you. So sit back, catch up on some news and enjoy your Friday.

Apple’s Next Big Conquest – Business: With the addition of Apple’s volume purchase plan and growing amounts of activations of iPads, Apple is looking to become a staple among the business world.

DOS Turns 30: Take a stroll down memory lane and get your C:\>_ on!

Heads Up!: Put your hard hat on, the sky will be falling in 2020.

Farming 2.0: A New Zealand farm inspector company has equipped employees with tablet devices to modernize the inspection process for local dairies.