Build or Buy?

Building mobility applications in house (or outsourcing for one-off development) has its risks. As taken from the recent issue of Field Mobility Magazine “Field Mobility – Should I Buy or Build?

When an IT organization builds applications, it’s harder to sustain a long-term commitment. When you lose long-term commitment, your product is left behind. With a market that’s moving so quickly, that’s a very big risk. If you decide, “I’ll hire 10 developers and I’ll build this application.” They build this application and you’re very happy. They move to the next project. And 2 years from now, the application is outdated. Then what do you do?


Gartner Magic Quadrant: Mobile Application Development

Gartner has recently released their Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms. Within this research a couple of noteworthy items stand out:

  • 61% of surveyed CIOs plan to enhance their mobility capability during the next 3 years
  • 48% believe they will become industry leaders in their industries by fully adopting innovative mobility solutions

As if there was any doubt, mobility is clearly not an optional add-on technology, but a critical piece for most any business to be successful.