Case Study: Arrow Construction

Sacramento-Based Regional Construction Company Experiences Spike in Productivity and Profitability Through Investment in Mobile Technology


Vice President Sal Rivera and President Mike Wegener of Arrow Construction

Arrow Construction is just one of those companies we love doing business with. Aside from being a firm believer in mobile technology, Arrow has rightfully earned the reputation of ‘specialist’ in the underground utilities and construction services industry. Recently, our team had a chance to sit down with Mike Wegener, President of Arrow Construction, to develop a detailed case study around their approach to mobile technology.

ABOUT: Arrow Construction is an industry leading underground utility specialist looking for a process driven mobile workforce management solution.

SUMMARY: By partnering with Sierra Data Systems, Arrow Construction has successfully invested in a mobile solution which has resulted in cost savings, greater productivity and enhanced visibility into daily operations.

SOLUTION: Sierra Data systems has worked with Arrow Construction to deliver the following:

  • Time and Labor Management
  • Asset Management
  • Dispatching
  • Billing

Download the case study here.

Asset Management Meets Proof of Delivery

Typically, asset management is thought of monitoring and managing pieces of equipment out in the field to do a particular job. It is all about keeping track of the moving pieces and trying to minimize the delays in asking, “Where is the ______?” or “How many _______ do we have?” or “do we need to purchase another ______?” But recently, DATArrive was brought to the table to help answer another question related to asset management: “May I use the _______?” This question brings up an often-neglected piece of asset tracking known as proof of delivery.

This nationally based, equipment-imaging company has millions of dollars of assets available for a sales force to leave with potential clients over a trial period. The challenge was to not only monitor and manage the location of these assets, but also to provide an integrated way for sales reps to request equipment, validate shipment and ensure a trustworthy chain of custody is in place. This challenge revealed the need for complex shipping manifests with multiple items, proof of delivery and an entire chain of custody solution.

Essentially, what was needed was a robust asset tracking solution married to a proof of delivery/logistics solution. This recent opportunity was yet another instance where the multi-module platform DATArrive is built upon was able to provide a tailored solution that could’t be answered with a boxed solution. Upon implementing this solution, this company is now able to identify each asset and greatly enhance the complicated process requesting, delivering and receiving product across the United States.

Opportunities like this reinforce the direction of our product roadmap and our goals for further development in the area of scheduling, dispatch, job costing and billing. To get a better grasp on the areas we are focusing on, be sure and download our 2011 roadmap here.