Mobility Growing Pains

About three months ago I was considering a blog post about how the diversity and fragmentation in the mobile operating system environment was going away. Nokia and  Microsoft were getting together, Android was growing by leaps and bounds and even Blackberry was planning to run Android apps, Apple seemed rock solid, and WebOS was purchased by a big player with deep pockets. Now? Not so much. Oh what a few months can mean . . . (more…)

The Week of the Tablet

Two household names both announced that they too will be competing in the tablet/iPad space this week.

Blackberry announced their plans for the PlayBook, which some are touting as the enterprise version of the iPad. Also, it is being reported that Dell has their own plans to release a 7 inch tablet in a matter of weeks and then a 10 inch version several months later.

The question: what place does the tablet have within enterprise mobility?

Sure, tablets (with a lot less glamor) have been in use for years in niche markets, but are these new breeds of tablets going to replace traditional mobile devices? Is this just another case of companies clamoring to create “me too” products? Or, will we look back in 10 years and laugh ridiculously saying, “Hey, remember when we used to try and do business on a 3.5 inch screen?