Infographic: Mobile in the Enterprise

An recent infographic created by Zendesk, pulls together some research from Businessweek, Forrester, Gigaom Pro, Frost & Sullivan, and a few others, about the influence of mobile apps in the enterprise. A couple of interesting findings:

  • 72% of small businesses use mobile apps in their operations
  • Sales of web-enabled mobile devices have surpassed sales of web-enabled laptops, notebooks and desktop computers
  • 43% of businesses report plans to incorporate mobile more in the future

You can view the infographic with all the findings here.

The State of Enterprise Mobility


Forrester Research recently released a report entitled “Mobile Applications Will Empower Business Enterprise Business Process” and ReadWrite Enterprise has a good summary of the report here. The overview looks like this:

  1. Other than email, calendar and contacts, business use is spotty
  2. Custom apps dominate, but off the shelf apps are insurgent
  3. Off the shelf mobile apps leave something to be desired
  4. Enterprise mobile apps are extremely niche

So where is enterprise mobility heading in the next 2-3 years? According to this report, you could summarize it like this:

Build or Buy: Predominately packaged
Platform: Platform independent
Device form factors: Smartphone, tablets, new form factors
Application footprint: Browser-based
Usage scenarios: Field, task, management, business travelers, knowledge workers
Business process scope: All corporate functions


Windows Phone 7 for the Enterprise: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This week, Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7 to the public, introducing new phones, features, and partners, including AT&T and T-Mobile. Before I go any further, I should clarify that I haven’t actually seen or worked with a Windows Phone 7 device. While I’ve read documentation and seen videos (both marketing and technical) you should understand that my opinions are based solely on the descriptions and capabilities of the device provided by others. For those wishing to know more about Windows Phone 7, I break it down here by what I think it might mean for those looking to use this new technology in the enterprise. (more…)