How Does DATArrive Improve Field Services?

Looking for a quick overview of how DATArrive can bring value to field service operations? Here is a quick overview.

Also, you can download the industry overview here.

Strategic Trends Within Field Services

The results of The Service Council’s Field Service Benchmark Survey reveal some noteworthy trends around strategic actions being undertaken by a majority of field service organizations. Those of note:

  • 72% Investing in mobile tools to provide real-time access to required data and information in the field
  • 67% Integrating new technologies into existing field service operations
  • 62% Improving planning & forecasting related activities
  • 61% Providing additional training to field service technicians and/or dispatchers
  • 56% Automating existing manual field service processes or activities
  • 52% Increasing customer involvement in the field service process via web-enabled self-help

The big idea: many within the field service community are recognizing that despite the increase of technology and mobile devices, it is still pretty much back to the basics with respect to running a successful and profitable field service organization. Mobile technology is only as good as the operational processes it supports!

Industry Focus: Airline Services

DATArrive Airline ServicesA continuously mobile workforce, operating in a complex and dynamic environment characterizes today’s airline services industry. On a daily basis, cabin services, ground handling and ramp services must have accurate and up-to-the-minute information to ensure customer satisfaction and on-time departures.

The DATArrive solution equips airline support providers with a powerful resource to reduce business costs, streamline day-to-day workflows resulting in improved customer service. By leveraging DATArrive technology, users are able to efficiently manage service orders, dispatch workers and maintain service level agreements.

Currently, these are some of the ways customers are utilizing the DATArrive solution:

  • Dispatch work order requests to field workers
  • Push real-time ETA updates to service personnel
  • Provide customized inspection checklists to mobile handsets
  • Manage inventory levels for aircraft and supporting warehouses
  • Ensure service level agreements are being met
  • Report on efficiency of man-hours per service event
  • Dispatch vehicles or equipment for service calls
  • Utilize real-time integration with airline data feeds


Video: DATArrive and the Field Service Industry

Here is another video we put together that speaks to the challenges within the field service industry and how DATArrive is making an impact.