Gamers Did That

online role playing games by Combined Media, on Flickr

Illustration by Michael Whitehead for Livewire - Green Guide

Love your new, super cool smartphone? Being extra productive on that blazing fast laptop? Surfing the net faster than you can click your mouse? Thank a gamer.

When the first personal computers came out they were nothing more than a curiosity for technophiles. Few, if any, people saw any real-world advantage and certainly business owners weren’t going to shell out the thousands of dollars per machine to bring them to every desktop in the office. Then VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program, came along and suddenly everyone understood what this new computer evolution meant. Later hardware would lead the charge with the introduction of the mouse. For the first time desktop publishing and digital design were feasible. But through it all, there was one group of users who constantly pushed the envelope and forced hardware and software makers to improve and innovate and they are still doing it today. (more…)