The Global Mobile Workforce

VDC-Research-mobile-workforceDavid Krebs, VP of Mobile and Wireless at VDC Research, recently hosted a brief presentation covering trends and expectations within the global mobile workforce. Along with the expected growth in mobility, there were a number of crucial trends to note:

  • Mobile Worker Population – the mobile worker population is forecasted to grow an additional 5% by 2014 to 1.2 billion. What is significant about this trend is that means 1/3 of the global workforce would be classified as “mobile”
  • B2B Trends – some of the continued trends with in B2B mobility revolve around the need for real-time decision making, workforce productivity and business intelligence
  • Continued Growth of the “Knowledge Worker” – Krebs notes importance of differentiating between “task/line workers” and “knowledge workers.” Typically, mobility has been primarily focused on the task oriented or line workers which require very linear and simple mobile workflows. While the rising sector of knowledge workers operate in a more dynamic environment, where lookups, cross-validation, and data access are critical. The important statistic here – line workers are expected to decrease by 11.8% while knowledge workers will rise by 19.1% through 2014.

You can watch the entire presentation here.